What is Car Detailing?

Wiping Down Car Dash with Cleaning Cloth


There’s a wide variety of ways to keep your vehicle looking good, no matter how many miles you drive it. Exterior and interior car detailing is one of many methods, that can greatly extend your vehicle’s attractive appearance. Not sure what car detailing is? Car detailing is slightly different from a car wash, which only cleans the outermost part of your car, truck, or SUV.



Car detailing focuses on restoring your vehicle’s exterior and interior while removing scratches and blemishes. Although car detailing is typically done by certified mechanics around Fort Lee, like those found in our service center, it’s something you can certainly do yourself if you have the supplies. Find out how to detail a car and what car detailing prices generally look like with the experts at Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service below!

How to Detail a Car

So, what is car detailing, and how does it work? As mentioned above, you’ll typically get your interior cabin and exterior hull fully cleaned during a car detail. Car detailing prices can range anywhere from $50-$300, so you should keep that in mind before you make a trip from Englewood to our New York Service Center for maintenance. However, detailing your own car is always an option. Just follow these simple instructions outlined for your convenience:

Interior Car Detailing

  • Dashboard & Center Console: Use smaller tools to clean any cracks and type crevices. Then, dry them down completely using a cloth.
  • Steering Wheel Column: Use a cleaning solution to remove any dust and stains. Then, dry it down, and apply a surface protectant.
  • Upholstery: Vacuum the seats, and then remove any leftover stains with a stain remover and a brush. After the seats are clean, let them dry with your car doors open. This will help avoid mildew.
  • Windows: Wash the inside of your vehicle’s window with a window-cleaning solution. Then, dry them completely in order to avoid streaks.
  • Door Interior: Use a mix of soap and water to clean any non-carpeted parts of your vehicle’s doors, and be sure to wipe them down with a cloth. Afterward, open your vehicle’s doors to clean the metal and plastic parts of your door jambs.
  • Carpeting: Vacuum your vehicle’s interior carpeting. If there are any stains in the carpeting, then use a stain remover and a brush to take out the stains.

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Wax the Exterior: Once your vehicle’s exterior is clean, we recommend giving it a solid wax. When you’re finished waxing the exterior, wipe off the excess wax with a small brush.
  • Clean the Wheels: Use the solution that was used to wash the rest of your vehicle or a solution made specifically for vehicle tires, and clean your vehicle’s wheels. Use a small brush to clean out dirt from the grooves and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Rigorous Exterior Wash: Wash the exterior of your vehicle using water, a car-safe washing solution, and microfiber cloths. Try to avoid any cleaning solutions like household detergent since they might strip off the way of your vehicle’s surface. You’ll also want to make sure to frequently swap out any clean towels, since dirt or sand on dirty cloth towels can scratch your vehicle’s service. When the vehicle is completely clean, dry it off with clean towels.

Get Your Car Detailed at Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service

Keep your Jaguar vehicle looking brand new on the streets of The Bronx! Contact us at Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service to explore our available car detailing prices and availability of appointment times today! We’re here to help keep your vehicle looking great no matter how many miles are on it. Schedule service today, and we’ll take care of all of your maintenance needs.


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