How to Fix a Car with No Heat

Car Heat

There’s nothing more frustrating than climbing in your car, only to find your Fort Lee commutes aren’t going to be as comfortable as you expect. Turn to the team at the Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service service department when you find yourself bemoaning, “my car heater is not working!” We’ll cover what causes the heat not to work in your car, and how you can fix a car with no heat. When you’re on the go and your car heat is not working, easily schedule your service online with our certified technicians at Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service.

Why My Car Heater is Not Working

Your car heater works as a result of the radiator fluid becoming hot by running through the engine. It then navigates through the piping in your cabin to a mini radiator (or heater core) that holds the hot coolant. A fan then blows over the heater core and provides you with warm air your Englewood drives, only to take the cool coolant and start the process again.

While low coolant (or antifreeze) levels lead to not enough hot fluid making it to the heater core and a chilly cabin, that’s not the only reason why your car heat is not working. What causes heat not to work in a car can include:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Low antifreeze/coolant
  • Faulty heater fan
  • Faulty blower motor resistor
  • Clogged heater core
  • Leaky radiator
  • Faulty HVAC controls
  • Faulty wiring or blown fuses

Ways to Fix Your Heat Issues at Home

While some of the issues above are better left to the technicians that know your vehicle, there are some DIY car care services you can perform at your The Bronx-area home. Here’s how you can fix your car heat not working:

How to Fill Low Antifreeze

  1. Let your vehicle’s engine cool for 15 to 20 minutes, remove the radiator cap, and use a funnel to safely pour coolant.
  2. Fill your new coolant until the reservoir is full. To ensure there are no air pockets, you may need to grab the main coolant and physically pump the coolant hose.
  3. After you’ve properly filled the coolant, replace the radiator cap and start the car to see it the heat comes on.

How to Fix a Broken Thermostat

  1. Start by gathering gloves and safety glasses for protection, and a drain bucket, wrenches, coolant, and a new thermostat for the repair.
  2. Let the car cool for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. The thermostat is usually located at the base of the radiator, between the core and main hose.
  4. You may need to lift up your vehicle for better access to the radiator. Locate and remove the radiator cap.
  5. Situate a bucket under the radiator, and carefully drain the coolant by detaching the hose.
  6. You’re then able to remove and replace it with a new thermostat.
  7. Reattach the radiator hose, refill the coolant, and replace the cap back on the reservoir.
  8. If you’ve raised your car, lower your car back to the ground.
  9. Start the engine, and wait to see if the heat comes on.
  10. Take it for a test drive around Englewood, and check to see if the coolant level hasn’t dropped. If it has, refill it to the proper markings.

Explore Service Tips with Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service!

Now that you have a better understanding of what causes your heat not to work in your car and some ways to fix it, you won’t be left bemoaning “my car heater is not working!” Our team at the Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service service department will provide you with reliable and lasting service. To save on your service and parts, be sure to check out our available service specials. Then, take a look at our other service tips and tricks for more ways to take care of your Jaguar.


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