How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather seat in an Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Whenever you upgrade with a luxurious new Jaguar, you can expect the finest finishes scattered throughout the cabin. Your Jaguar interior wouldn’t be complete without supple leather upholstery to comfort you on every commute from Fort Lee to Englewood. While enjoying your leather is a given, caring for it can ensure that your travels will be filled with an abundance of comfort for years to come. If you have a DIY spirit, read on below to learn about leather seat care with our team.



Tips on How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Ready to learn how to clean your leather car seats? Follow these steps to discover proper leather seat care techniques:

  1. First, you’ll want to vacuum the crevices of your seats to clear any dust, dirt, or debris.
  2. After you’ve removed the debris, apply a pH-neutral cleaning solution to your upholstery. This will help prevent any liquid cleaner from getting into any perforations.
  3. With a microfiber cloth and soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the leather upholstery.
  4. Once your seats are cleaned, apply a leather conditioner to your seats. Use the microfiber cloth to gently work in the conditioner. Let the conditioner dry, then buff it in with another fresh microfiber cloth. This step will help prevent any cracking in your seats, making leather conditioner an essential part of any leather seat cleaning kit.

What Cleaning Products Should Be Used?

When working with fine materials, you’ll want to show great care. That’s why your leather seat cleaning kit should be filled with colorless, simple rages. Start with one of these damp rags and remove the dust from your seats. For a more thorough cleaning, warm weather and a bit of leather soap will often do the trick. You can also check your owner’s manual for recommendations. However, no matter what cleaner you select, you’ll want to avoid the following:

  • Sharp objects that may scratch
  • Household cleaner
  • Dark cloths
  • Detergents
  • Furniture polish

Additional Leather Seat Care Tips

  1. Keep a travel bottle of cleaning solution and clean microfiber cloths packed in your vehicle. That way, if you have an unexpected mess, you can care for your seats while out in The Bronx.
  2. Store your vehicle in a garage as often as possible. Removing your vehicle from extreme temperatures will prolong the life of your leather.
  3. While out and about, look for shaded parking spots. Parking your car in the shade will prevent sun bleaching and other damage over time.

Rely on Jaguar Manhattan for All Things Automotive

If you’re ready to learn more about Jaguar ownership, contact us today! Our expert team can offer insightful service tips and even guide you through assembling the perfect leather seat cleaning kit. No matter what automotive needs you have, Jaguar Manhattan can offer support. What’s more, we can help you learn the difference between a hand car wash and a touchless car wash to guide you to your ideal car care. Visit us in New York today to discover how we can serve you.

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