How to Fix a Car Dent or Scratch

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Found a dent or scratch on your Jaguar? Knowing how to fix a dent in a car can be a great piece of information for your home DIY needs. Learn about the different methods to fix smaller problems with your vehicle below as we go over how to fix scratches on a car and how to take care of those dents. Does your car have larger and more noticeable damage done to it? Reach out to our service center or even our Jaguar-certified body shop for larger fixes and repairs.



How to Fix Scratches on a Car

You can fix scratches on your car with a number of different DIY methods depending on the scratch. Consider these tips below if you’re noticing scratches on your Jaguar:

  • Candle Wax – Candle wax is a temporary solution that holds in an emergency. Gently rub the wax over the affected area after cleaning the area to seal the scratch.
  • Super Glue – Super glue is also temporary until you can bring in your Jaguar for a better fix. Apply the super glue carefully on the scratch to seal it.
  • Paint Polish or Rubbing Compound – Jaguar owners want to use the least aggressive solution first. Light polish with a less abrasive foam pad is a better option than super glue or candle wax if you have it available. If the scratches still remain, we recommend working up towards higher-grit polishes or compounds. If these don’t work, we recommend wet-sanding.
  • Wet Sandpaper – Shallow surface scratches that have been cleaned can usually be removed with 2000-grit wet sandpaper. When the scratch is almost invisible, apply a rubbing compound followed by finer and finer polishes. Then use wax or paint sealant for protection. We recommend washing your car before any scratch removal and waxing the whole car once you’ve finished the process.
  • Touch-Up Paint: Our service center can help hide deeper scratches with paint touch-ups on your Jaguar.

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car

How to fix scratches on a car can have a lot of steps, but thankfully how to fix a small dent in a car is more straightforward. Fix a dent in a car with these easy solutions:

  • Plunger – A plunger is a quick way to fix a dent in a car. You can use a regular (clean) bathroom plunger or a car dent plunger specifically made for cars. It’ll pop out a dent with several attempts at leveling the dent out.
  • Hammer or Mallet – Using a hammer or mallet on the opposite side of the dent can help force the spot back into its place. Use a hammer for smaller fixes and a mallet for larger dents. Protect the side you’re hammering with a towel or equivalent to avoid any damage to your Jaguar.
  • Dent PullerOnly use a dent puller if you’re used to using a dent puller. You’ll need to drill a hole in the dent for this method, lacing a wire through and pulling the dent back to surface level. Then, you’ll have to fill the hole, sand it down, and paint it. This is a very involved process.

If you’re not seeing much progress when using these methods or are afraid of damaging your Jaguar, we highly recommend the alternative of bringing your vehicle to our service center. Our team works on Jaguars every day, and we’re more than ready to fix dents and scratches on your vehicle quickly and safely.

Let Jaguar Manhattan Certified Pre-Owned & Service Fix Those Dents & Scratches on Your Jaguar

Does it look like your vehicle needs more TLC? It’s important to know how to fix a dent in a car or a scratch on your vehicle, but it’s just as important to know when to bring it in to avoid any further wear or damage. Reach out to us today to learn more about your options. We can fix scratches on your car and take care of any dents in no time. We also offer plenty of service specials for any needed maintenance on your Jaguar while you’re here!


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