Who Owns Jaguar?

2021 Jaguar F-TYPE

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new Jaguar or you’re a longtime Jaguar owner, you’ve probably wondered, “Who makes Jaguar?” and “Who owns Jaguar?” Jaguar is a British luxury vehicle company owned by Tata Motors, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. Learn more about the backstory of Jaguar and who makes Jaguar vehicles with Jaguar Manhattan.

What Is Tata Motors?

Tata Motors is an Indian automotive manufacturer that’s headquartered in Mumbai and owned by the conglomerate Tata Group–a company involved in a variety of industries ranging from hospitality and steel to telecommunication. Here is where Jaguar comes into play:

  1. Tata Motors purchased Jaguar Cars and Land Rover in 2008, becoming Jaguar Land Rover Limited in 2013.
  2. Tata Motors owns several other automotive operations worldwide in the commercial vehicle segment and the passenger vehicle segment.
  3. Tata Motors belongs to Tata Group, originally started in 1868 as a trading company. In the earlier days of its inceptions, Tata Group was famous for its major milestones such as India’s first hotel with electricity in 1907, Western India’s first hydro powerplant, and the establishment of the Indian Institute of Science in 1911.

Who Owned Jaguar?

Jaguar was started by William Lyons and William Walmsley in Blackpool, England in 1922. The company was soon renamed S.S. Cars Limited. In 1935, a sports saloon model (aka a sports sedan) called the SS Jaguar was released, alongside the SS Jaguar 100, an open-top two-passenger sports car. How did these Jaguar models evolve into the luxury automobile company that Fort Lee drivers know today?

  1. In 1945, S.S. Cars was renamed Jaguar Cars Limited to set itself apart as a memorable brand.
  2. Jaguar became famous for remarkable sports cars like the Jaguar XK120 and Jaguar E-TYPE and for international motorsports, winning the 1951 and 1953 Le Mans 24-Hour Race.
  3. In 1965, Jaguar Cars became part of British Motor Holdings Limited, later merging with the Rover manufacturer Leyland Motor Corporation Limited. Thus, creating the British Leyland Motor Corporation.
  4. The British Leyland Motor Corporation became nationalized in 1975 due to financial difficulties, but in 1984 Jaguar became its own company again.
  5. Ford Motors purchased Jaguar in 1999 and purchased Land Rover in 2000, selling both to Tata Motors in 2008.

Who Makes Jaguar? Where is the Jaguar Factory Located?

Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors, but Jaguar Land Rover is headquartered in Coventry which is located about two hours north of London. If you like to travel outside of Englewood, take a trip across the pond to indulge in a Jaguar factory tour! There are many plants across the world that manufacture both genuine Jaguar and Land Rover models. However, if you purchase a Jaguar in the United States, it is more than likely built in the main Jaguar assembly plant in Birmingham, England. Here are the locations of Jaguar factories:

  • Birmingham, England — Jaguar XE, XF, XJ, and F-TYPE
  • Solihull, England — Jaguar F-PACE
  • Wolverhampton, England — Engine assembly plant
  • Graz, Austria — This facility is co-operated by Magna Steyr, and it manufactures the Jaguar E-PACE and I-PACE
  • Changshu, China — Jaguar XE and XF, and engine assembly
  • Pune, India — Assembly of complete knock-down kits* for the Jaguar XF and XJ

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