Why Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Leaping Jaguar hood ornament on Jaguar XF

If you haven’t been noticing Jaguar models with the iconic hood ornament, you’re not imagining things–Jaguar vehicles no longer have them. Why did Jaguar remove the hood ornament? In short, removing the ornament improves aerodynamics, and the style of cars has changed drastically over the years so hood ornaments aren’t as popular. Keep reading with Jaguar Manhattan to learn more about the history of the Jaguar hood ornament and to find out why it was removed.

A Breakdown of Jaguar Hood Ornament History

At the beginning of automotive engineering, it was common to see a Jaguar car with a hood ornament. In fact, most older cars donned hood ornaments because of a radiator cap that was located at the front of the hood. In turn, OEMs placed the hood ornament on top of the radiator cap to give the vehicle a more appealing appearance.

When Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Jaguar phased out their hood ornaments in the last two decades for several reasons. First, radiator caps were moved from the front of the hood to under the hood, eliminating the need to cover up this eyesore. Plus, for many drivers in Fort Lee, %%target_city_2%, and beyond, their tases in vehicles changed and hood ornaments went out of style.

Second, hood ornaments were often targets for theft, so removing them prevented drivers from having to worry about them being taken, or from having to purchase another one.

Finally, European car regulations forcibly removed hood ornaments because they presented as a risk to pedestrians who were hit by cars.

Shop for a New Jaguar with Jaguar Manhattan

While the Jaguar hood ornament no longer has a place on today’s models, the brand makes up for it by offering even more visually appealing and luxurious design touches. You can see this for yourself by visiting our showroom near The Bronx and exploring current Jaguar models. During your visit, you can learn all about Jaguar technologies, find out who owns Jaguar, and discover the fastest Jaguar 0-60 mph times.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 332-877-9705.


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